About the Developer

A Dedicated Leadership Team

The West 18th team is committed to their customers and approaches their projects systematically. Every team member utilizes their individual skills to guarantee that your project receives the widest perspective possible.

What makes them different is they are retailers, they understand timing & costs and most importantly they understand the importance of having good people.

West 18th St. Enterprises Inc, a subsidiary of The Stewart Group, is an integrated retailer, retail construction developer and land developer. They also provide building maintenance, fixture and general contracting services. West 18th has competencies ranging from initial design through to construction, fixturing, Landlord & Tenant work, demolition and merchandising. They can take your project from start to finish.

West 18th has over 40 years of combined experience working in retail construction and has over 20 years of pure retail experience. Their goal is to provide their partners with a comprehensive set of services leveraging their depth of talent and relationships.

Specialists in the following areas:

  • Retail Consulting
  • Construction Management
  • Remodels / Resets
  • New Store Setup Services
  • Store Maintenance
  • Fixture Supply and Installation
  • Landlord’s work
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Demolition
  • General Contracting for Retail Centres up to 120,000 sqft
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